About Us

At The Bare Co we believe an amazing clean shouldn't come at a cost to your health or the environment! Our cleaners are made in small batches in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with only natural and safe ingredients.

The products we use to clean our homes linger in the air and remain on surfaces. When cleaners are washed down the drain, they can contaminate waterways. At Bare Co, our cleaners are made with simple, non-toxic, clean ingredients that are safe for both your family and our waterways.

We make our products with you and the environment in mind

What is "Bare"?

With all of the options available to us, it is hard to know what cleaning products are truly safe for our homes. Some products claim to be natural but are made with ingredients that have health or environmental concerns. In Canada, ingredients are not even required to be listed on the bottles. We want to take the guesswork out of buying cleaners.  You can be assured all of our ingredients are safe for your family and the environment. To be considered "Bare", our ingredients must check four important boxes:

1. Simple

Simple ingredients are minimally processed and are generally safer for you and the environment.  At the Bare Co, we use ingredients that are as simple as possible.  When faced with a choice, we use the least processed form of ingredient possible.  For example, for scent, we use essential oils rather than fragrance.  For soap, we use our own handmade castile soap rather than chemical surfactants.

2. Natural and Vegan

All our ingredients are plant or mineral derived. We avoid synthetic ingredients like fragrances. We would never use ingredients made from animals, like tallow.

3. Non-toxic

Natural doesn’t always mean safe. Some naturally derived chemicals are toxic, carcinogenic, or bioaccumulative.  We have researched our ingredients and chosen those that are the safest for your family and the planet.  We use expert research provided by organizations such as the Environmental Working Group to ensure our ingredients are the safest possible.

4. Effective

And last, but most definitely not least, everything that goes into our products must be effective. Whether it is effective at removing soap scum, providing a streak free shine, lifting dirt and grime, or smelling amazing, our ingredients have been chosen for their effective properties.

Simple is better 💚

Who is The Bare Co?

We are a small company, a two woman show, and to top it off, we are a mother daughter team (can you tell??).

Bronwyn + Sandy

We have always loved to clean! Are our houses pristine white museums of organization and cleanliness? No, far from it... but we find cleaning a way to de-stress and keep our homes healthy. We have a passion for developing products that make your home healthier and love experimenting with new ideas and formulas.

Initially we made cleaners for ourselves, our family, and our friends who encouraged us to share this with more people.  It has been absolutely amazing to see people make healthy switches in their homes, and to be a part of this change.

We make all of our cleaners in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass, in Southern Alberta. When we are not making cleaners, we love spending time outside hiking, running, identifying wildflowers, walking, skiing, and biking in the amazing mountains that surround our area.

Below are some photos of the beautiful area where we live and make our cleaners. All of which is within the incredible, traditional territory of the Blackfoot People.