We love partnering with refilleries and stores to offer our products in bulk. Refilling is an awesome way to contribute to a better world by reducing packaging that would otherwise be disposed of. Did you know only 9% of plastic waste in Canada is recycled? Plastic (and microplastics) are polluting our waterways, creating islands of plastic in the ocean, and endangering animals.

We want to find ways to help consumers become less reliant on plastics.  Our glass bottles and labels are super strong and can be reused over and over again, for years to come. Reusing what you already have is one way we can all reduce pollution and recycling waste in general.  Best of all, refilling is super cost effective, since you are not paying for packaging.

Find a Refill Station!


If you don't have a refill station in your area, but know of a store that could be a perfect fit, feel free to share our information with them! Retailers can find more information about partnering with us on our wholesale page.